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Wire & Welding

Nickel alloy wire, mainly composed of nickel and other metal elements of alloy wire blank as raw materials, through the drawing process processing. This wire has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and good mechanical properties, so it has a wide range of applications in many fields.As we have complete heat treatment equipment and surface treatment technology, we can provide the nickel alloy wires with different hardness and different finishes. In addition, if you need nickel alloy spring wires with higher mechanical performance requirements, we can also meet your needs.

◆◆◆Wire & Welding Forms◆◆◆

● Coil Wire                           ● Spools Wire
● Round Wire                       ● Flat Wire

◆◆◆Availabe Wire & Welding  ◆◆◆

ERNi-1, ERNiCr-3, ERNiCr-4, ERNiCrCoMo-1, ERNiCrFe-7, ERNiCrFe-7A, ERNiCrFe-12, ERNiCrMo-2, ERNiCrMo-3, ERNiCrMo-4, ERNiCrMo-10, ERNiCrMo-13, ERNICu-7, ERNiFeCr-2, ERNIMo-8



Form: MIG (15kgs/spool)TIG(5kgs/box)

Size: Diameter 0.01mm-8.0mm

Inventory Size:0.8MM/1.0MM/1.2MM/1.6MM/2.4MM/3.2MM/3.8MM/4.0MM/5.0MM


Conforms to Certification AWS A5.14 ASME SFA A5.14

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