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Welding eletrode

HY-Tech Alloy produces and manufactures various of nickel alloy welding electrodes. Nickel alloy welding electrode is mainly used for welding nickel or nickel alloys. According to the structure, the nickel alloy electrode can be divided into two parts: core wire and covering. Core wire is the metal core of nickel alloy welding electrode, which is straightened from nickel alloy wire. In order to ensure the quality and performance of the weld, we have strict regulations on the content of each metal element in the core wire. The covering of the nickel alloy welding electrode plays an extremely important role in the welding process. If the welding electrode without covering is used, the mechanical properties (strength, impact value, etc.) of the weld will be greatly reduced.

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HY-Tech Alloy
 supplies different nickel alloy welding electrode grades in AWS A5.11 such as ENi-1, ENiCr-4, ENiCrMo-3, ENiCrMo-4, ENiCrCoMo-1, etc.


Diameter: 2.0mm - 5.0mm

*Customized size needs to be confirmed with us


Conforms to Certification AWS A5.02, AWS A5.11

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