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Sheet & Plate

 HY-Tech Alloys Produce Various kinds of material sheets and plates, they are  widely used in industry, which is usually a solid product with metal properties obtained after mixing and melting with one or several metals or non-metals and cooling and solidification. There are many kinds of alloy plates, which can be classified according to their use, composition, performance, etc.

◆◆◆◆Available Materials◆◆◆◆

Inconel Sheet, Incoloy plate, Hastelloy Sheet, Nickel Alloy sheet, Haynes 25 Sheet, Hastelloy X sheet, Inconel 718 sheet, inconel 625 Sheet, Nimonic 75 Sheet,ect


◆ Sheet:  Hot rolling sheet,  Cold rolling sheet

◆ Plate: Hot rolling plate and Foring plate (Picking White and Machined Plate)

◆ Surface Condition: Pickling White sheet Solution annlead 

◆ Thickness: 0.05mm-5.0mm cold rolling sheet. 5.0mm-45.0mm Hot rolling plate,  above 45mm forged Plate

◆ Width:1000mm/1200mm/1500mm/2000mm  Standards width. other size as per clients requirments

◆ Length: 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/3000mm/6000mm other size as per clients requirments

◆ Size Tolerance: As Standards


ASTM A240 , ASTM A480, ASTM A693

ASTM B127, ASTM B162, ASTM B168

ASTM B333, ASTM B409, ASTM B424, ASTM B434, ASTM B435, ASTM B443, ASTM B463

ASTM B536, ASTM B575, ASTM B582, ASTM B599

ASTM B620, ASTM B625, ASTM B670, ASTM B688

ASTM B709, ASTM B718, ASTM B755, ASTM B688

ASTM B814, ASTM B818, ASTM B872, ASTM B906

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