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Bolts & Fasteners

Nickel alloy bolts and fasteners play an important role in industry HY-Tech Alloy Main produce and supplying bolts and fasteners more than 20 years.fasteners are used in varied industrial applications, owing to their distinguished corrosion resistance,aesthetic appearance and cost effectiveness.fasteners have medium strength and high corrosion resistance in comparison to carborand alloy steel fasteners.  

◆◆◆Bolts & Fasteners◆◆◆

● Hexagon flange bolts                    ● Hexagon head bolts 

● Square head bolts                          ● Hexagon cap screws

● Heavy hex screws                       ● High strength bolts 

● Square head bolts                          ● Stud bolts and nuts

● Square nuts                                    ● Hex nuts 

● Heavy hex                                       Plain Washers
● Hexagon cap screws                      Flat washers

◆◆◆Availabe Pipes Materials◆◆◆

Inconel 718, Inconel 625,  Hastelloy C276,  invar 36, Kovar, GH3030, Inconel 800, Inconel 600, Inconel 825, Hastelloy X, Pure Nickel, ect


ScrewBoltM2.5-M64*L6-300mm (or as your inquired)

◆ BoltM2.5-M64*L6-300mm (or as your inquired)

◆ NutM2.5-M64

Washer M2.5-M64


ASTM A193, ASTEM A320 -Gr.B5, B6, B6X, B7, B7M, B16, L7, L7A, L7B, L7C, L70, L71, L72, L73B8

B8C, B8P, B8T, B8N, B8M, B8MN, B8MLCuN, B8, B8M2, B8S, B8SA, B8RA, B8P, B8LN, B8MLN, B8P, B8LN, B8MLN, B8T, B8A, B8CA, B8MA, B8PA, B8TA, B8LNA, B8MLNA, B8NA, B8MNA, 8MLCuNA
ASTM A453 -660, 651, 662, 665, 668 Class A/B/C/D etc.
ASTM A354 BC, BDASTM A540 -B21, B22, B23, B24ASTM A194 -2,2H, 2HM,7M, 3, 4, 7, 16,8C, 8M, 8T,8F,8P, 8N, A, 8CA, 8MA, 8TA etc.

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